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Summary of Exam Board Papers (6 pages; 8/8/19)

Question & exam technique (8 pages; 4/9/16)

Marking notation & practice (8 pages; 1/9/16)

UCAS Statement / Interview tips (3 pages; 27/11/17)



Recommended Reading


A Level extension 


(1) "Euler - The Master of Us All" (William Dunham; publisher: The Mathematical Association of America)

- assumes only A Level knowledge

- includes a section on solving cubic and quartic equations


(2) "e: the story of a number" (Eli Maor; publisher: Princeton)

- can be read at the same time as studying A Level


University level 


(3) "Div, Grad, Curl, and all that (an informal text on vector calculus)" (H.M. Schey; publisher: W.W. Norton)

- avoids non-essential mathematical rigour

- assumes knowledge of vector product, partial derivatives and multiple integrals



(4) "Classical Mechanics" (R.D. Gregory - publisher: CUP)