Help with Further Maths & STEP/MAT


Nick Geere :


(1) See other pages for free notes & worked exercises (suggestions for further notes & exercises are always welcomed).


(2) Notes for purchase (see that page for details).


(3) Help with a particular topic via email - at a cost of £2/£5, depending on the length of the explanation.


(4) Worked solutions to textbook or past exam questions (£5 per typical question; £2 per short question). Solutions (including tips) are handwritten & emailed as a pdf file. 




I have a Mathematics degree from Oxford University and taught Maths for 6 years at Kelly College, Tavistock, before working with the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. I have been a Further Maths examiner for the last 12 years, and have written, or co-written, the following textbooks for Hodder:


AQA Further Maths - Discrete

OCR Further Maths - Decision  

Edexcel Further Maths - Decision   


I live in Cossington in Somerset.