Notes & Exercises (with sol'ns) for Teachers & Students


These materials are intended for students who are typically planning to study Mathematics-related courses at university, as well as for their teachers.


The Further Maths notes aim to cover important points, as well as providing background that may go beyond what is 'needed' for Further Maths exams, but can improve understanding, or be useful for university entrance papers or study at university. It is assumed that the student has access to a textbook that covers the more straightforward aspects of topics.


The STEP, MAT & TMUA pages contain additional material that is mainly of use for these exams.


Suggestions for new notes and exercises are always welcome.



Further Maths


Pure, Mechanics, Prob. & Stats and Discrete Maths pages (free)


STEP, MAT & TMUA (incl. past paper sol'ns)


Access to all 3 pages: £10 pa (or MAT+TMUA: £5 pa)


See STEP, MAT & TMUA Contents page for further details (including overviews of exercises).


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Support for Students


Regular or occasional help via Skype and/or email: £30 ph


Face to face lessons are also possible - I live in Cossington, Somerset.


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I taught Maths for 6 years at Kelly College, Tavistock, and have worked with the Further Maths Support Programme since 2011. I was a Further Maths exam marker for 12 years, and have written Decision Maths textbooks for Hodder.


Nick Geere MA(Oxon)