Notes & Question Banks for Further Maths,

STEP & MAT/TMUA (for students & teachers)


Nick Geere MA(Oxon) -


These notes and questions are intended primarily to help students with independent study (typically those who are intending to study Maths at university). It is assumed that the student has a textbook that has already been used to practise the straightforward ideas of each topic. 


For reasons of space, textbooks often contain only one worked example of a standard method, and no worked solutions at all for exercises. This website aims to fill this gap. Any suggestions for further exercises (or notes) are always welcome.


Obviously the most benefit is obtained when the student tries to tackle a problem on their own. If a solution needs to be referred to, I would recommend just glancing at it initially, in order to obtain an idea as to a possible method, before continuing on your own.


Teachers may also be interested in the Question Banks (eg as a source of mock exam questions). Arrangements can be made for further questions to be supplied.



* Notes for Pure, Mechanics, Prob. & Stats, and Discrete Maths: free


* Question Banks (with worked solutions) for Pure, Mechanics, Prob.     & Stats, and Discrete Maths: £10 pa (for all 4)


* STEP page: £10 pa 


* MAT & TMUA  pages: £5 pa


Please email me for access. Payment can be by bank transfer or cheque. See Contents page for details (and sample questions). 


Also, email support is available to students for F/M, STEP, MAT or TMUA (starting from £20pm for a few queries a week, with short worked sol'ns provided, and free access to the Question Banks and STEP/MAT pages).


I taught Maths for 6 years at Kelly College, Tavistock, before working with the Further Maths Support Programme for 10 years. I was an exam marker for 12 years, and have written textbooks for Hodder. I live in Cossington in Somerset.